Hachi by Kenny’s

|Sake Pairing with Omakase session in Miri

“Miri” is a Malaysian city located on the island of Borneo and belongs to the state of Sarawak, which borders Brunei.

In this time, we have been colaborated with “Hachi by Kenny’s”, it’s in Miri.

If you have a chance to go to Miri, why don’t you visit this cool restaurant.


  • Lot 2133, Off Krokop, 10, Jalan Datuk Edward Jeli, Miri

Event Detail:

In the event, Mr. Thomas Ling has been taken over the sake sommelier, he is a qualified Master of Sake(=Kikisake-Shi) in Malaysia.

He explained sake to the guests and how good with the served dishs.

Thanks to the “Hachi by Kenny’s”, this event was progressed with “Omakase session and Sake”.

All of the guests learned about Sake and how pairing the foods.


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