Place: A Place Where – APW


~A Place Where(APW)~
The location is in Bangsar.
APW was first established in 1952 as Art Printing Works, a commercial printing factory.
Its original location was in Lebuh Ampang, before relocating to its present Bangsar location in 1965.
From the 60s to the 80s, Art Printing Works was one of the most prolific printers in Kuala Lumpur.


Sushi Summit 2023 was held for 3 days at night time.
There were divided in 2 section as below.
-1st section 17:30~19:30
-2nd section 19:30~22:00
We set 30-min sake tasting time before dine-in session.
Same as in previous years, many guests participated, enjoyed their happy time with us.
At first, guests came to taste the Sake, some of them, purchased the bottle for Sushi pairing or drink at home.
After that, people had a chair and start to eat Sushi Chef”s original menu.
Regarding Sushi Chef, they make Sushi, serve to the guests for 15 min each.
After 15 min, Sushi Chef moved to the another table (Total 5 table we had) , then all guests could eat the all Chef’s Sushi without moving.