|Special Guest:
Mr.Kuno Kuheiji
Sake Brewery name: Banjo Jozo
Sake Brand: Kamoshibito Kuheiji, Domaine Kurodasho
Wine Brand: Domaine Kuheiji

Banjyo Jozo Co Ltd is a sake brewery in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, with a long history dating back to 1647.
The brewery began brewing sake with the ninth generation of the Kuno family, whose head of the family has taken the name ‘Kuheiji’, and the current head, Kuheiji Kuno, is the 15th generation.
Their Japanese Sake is highly popular not only in Japan but also in three-star restaurants in Paris, and continues to attract attention in Japan and abroad.

|Event Details:

The Master Sake Class has been started at 12 O’clock.
We welcomed Mr. Kuheiji Kuno and Matei Gabriel Nicolae as a special guests and speaker.
They talked about their “Terroir” and their products.
As terroir, they talked about the “Sake rice, Grapes, Climate and Growing region” of their sake and wine, as they talk about wine.
All guests listen carefully, after finishing “The Master Sake Class”, we started to serve their Japanese Sake and Wine.
A total of 11 tasting bottles were available, and each time a bottle was served, Mr Kuno explained what the guest was currently drinking.
Thanksfully, it helps them to understand deeply about Japanes Sake and wine.