We are proud to be appointed as the Malaysia’s distributor for highly acclaimed sake label, Kamoshibito Kuheiji.

Banjo Jozo, a company produce sake more than 300 years old, brewed without added alcohol and bottled without reduction, these nihonshu sakes are all in the junmai-ginjo or junmai-dai-ginjo categories. With a higher-than-average level of acidity, a high level of minerality, and an extremely rich character, they go perfectly with Western cuisine, which uses more oil and butter than Japanese cuisine. Brewed as naturally as possible, they are also very resilient: once a bottle has been opened it can be stored in the fridge for at least two months.

The common perception is that sake should be paired with Japanese food. But Kamoshibito Kuheiji sake is breaking that stereotypical association. And what better way to introduce to elegance of Kuheiji sake than a dinner pairing by one of the finest French restaurants in KL – DC Restaurant by chef Darren Chin