Japanese Sake Tasting Event at the Japanese Embassy


  • The Embassy of Japan to Malaysia

|Event Detail

A lavish GI IWATE Japanese sake tasting event took place at the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, allowing participants to savour the traditional craftsmanship and rich flavours of Japanese sake. This special event, held on December 21, provided attendees with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the allure of Japanese sake.
In the spacious venue of the Japanese Embassy, participants had the chance to sample a selection of carefully curated Japanese sake directly imported from Japan, indulging in a diverse range of flavours. The tasting event also offered intriguing insights into Japanese sake culture and traditional brewing methods, allowing attendees to delve into the profound history of Japanese sake.
The event served as a platform for casual networking, enabling participants to deepen their knowledge of Japanese sake. Attendees engaged in direct learning from Japanese brewing experts, exchanging opinions on different brands and flavours.
The tasting event, void of a spokesperson’s presentation, successfully promoted cultural exchange through Japanese sake, conveying the charm of Japan to the Malaysian community.